Thursday, December 12, 2013

Greeting Cards Now Available!!!!


  New Paltz Sunflowers

I am excited to be finally doing something that I have wanted to do since I was a child!  I am now making professionally printed greeting cards of my art and selling them in stores and on line.  This first series features watercolor landscapes of some of my favorite places in Ulster County.   

   Minnewaska Fall Cliff
 Sky Lake, Mohonk

Black Creek, Winter
Snowy Rail Trail View
Shawangunk Winter Rocks
Consider buying some cards to send to family and friends for the holidays or for birthdays or other occasions.  Cards are 5.5 by 4.25 and cost $4.00/ each and can be ordered directly from me by ordering them on my website or Mira Fink Fine Art facebook page or in any of the following local stores; Gray Owl Gallery (Water Street Market, New Paltz, NY), Family Traditions (Stone Ridge, NY), Mohonk Mountain House Gift Shop (New Paltz, NY) and Rx Pharmacy (High Falls, NY)   If you are ordering directly indicate which images you would like and how many of each.  Buy 6 and get a discount! 

Gray Owl Gallery is selling the original paintings of some of these images as well as giclee prints.  See:

This weekend is the last chance to see my show with Staats Fasoldt at Family Traditions.  Paintings, prints and driftwood art are also available there for purchase. 


  1. Mira, I just left you a reply on my blog (about the mirror self-portraits) and I stopped by your blog to see who had asked the question. I was excited to see the images in this post, as I am a New Paltz graduate (almost 40 years ago!). I love the town and area, and still return from time to time for a visit. Favorite restaurant is The Egg's Nest in High Falls. Have you been there?

  2. Yes, I have. Egg's Nest is still open. Thanks. I'm having trouble finding the part of your blog with the mirror self portraits so I can see your answer. Tell me the date of the original post -that might help. I have more paintings of New Paltz on my website too.

  3. Hi Mira,
    I left the comment about the self-portraits on the post of January 14th 2011. Here's the link info: There's actually a little about the plaster bandage people there too!

    And today I left you a response on your comment about the plaster bandage people. That post is dated February 11, 2011. In case you have trouble finding your way back there, here's the link address to that post:

    Just curious - is it a safe bet you are discovering these 3 year-old posts of mine via Pinterest? If not, where?

    If you want to reach me again with questions, and are concerned you will not find your way back to the post you refer to, please feel free to email me at plbrown3 at yahoo dot com

    Hope you are staying warm and dry in the crazy weather!